Monday, June 30, 2008

A Shaved Leg for the Summer Season

Mat is doing very well after her surgery. We only had to help her with the steps 2 times, then she was maneuvering them as she did before the surgery. In fact - she is pretty much using the leg exactly as she did before surgery. Hopefully as she gets better over the next couple of months she will be putting more and more of her weight on it. At least that's the plan.. We need to be careful these next several weeks as she starts to feel better on it. She must not run or trot on that leg..I can see her getting better each day and she is starting to want to trot up to the bunnies in the yard so I guess I better get the leash out....
Speaking of bunnies. It's like Watership Down around here. Not that the bunnies need to leave - but we have many more this year... probably because Cali, our neighbors outdoor cat died last summer, so there has been no major predator. We have had several tiny guys take up residence in our front shrubs, crepe myrtles and day lillies. I just can't seem to get a good picture of the little guys... Anyway, it has been a fun season with so many ducklings and bunnies.. now I might not be saying that next year if we decide to do a garden. I may be cursing those wascally wabbits... but for now, they are welcomed and seem to know it. One day I hope to get a picture of the rabbits, squirrels and ducks together all having a nibble on the cracked corn we leave out for the's a sweet scene...

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  1. I am so glad to hear Mattie is doing well. We have an abundance of bunnies this year also, they seem to be everywhere.