Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Facebook, Twitter, Texting and Blogs - Oh My!

I'm baaaack!

For a middle aged woman I feel I am in tune with some of the world, completely out of tune with other parts and totally deaf for even more of the world. I am pretty geeky so the world of computers, the internet etc does not intimidate me. But I just can't get my head around Facebook and Twitter. Maybe because I don't maintain a large social network or even a very good business network, I find these two applications annoying. As I understand it 20 somethings see text and FB/Twitter as the way to communicate. Email and phone calls are something you do with your parents and business communication. (I am getting better at texting, though I am still pretty slow). Also I am not a huge "follower". Don't get me wrong.. I have an RSS reader full of blogs, so I do follow.. but I don't hang on every post or feel the need or want to keep up with someone via twitter, whether I know them or not.. I guess a lot of "commercial" posters keep their followers on twitter via giveaways etc.. I am not that hard up for a free t-shirt.. I can go to the thrift store for that!

I do see the appeal of FB and Twitter for businesses.. so social network, I am not into them. Professional network..you betcha.. I definitely understand that media side of the apps.

What I have a really hard time with FB and Twitter is the inane status updates and millions (okay hundreds) of pictures of the FB profiler themselves. But I have been reminded that it is called FB for a reason. It all seems very narcissistic to me. "Look at Me Look at Me" - to 200-700 of my closes friends.. eeuuuw... but that seems to be the 20 something's social modus operandi. I just value my privacy a bit more than that. I know I know.. I am writing a blog.. but you don't see my birth date, my face very much and I don't tag my pictures for google to index.. so there is a decent amount of anonymity this way while still sharing with the friends and family that care to read the posts I put up.

So I will be posting a bit more on here.. I will have a link on FB for the blog so any one of my few social network friends who get bored can come cruise if they want..
During the last year we got a new puppy, "lost" a future daughter in law through a break up, and gained a son-in-law. Mattie, Cap'n Steve and the cats are all doing well. So we will get caught back up over the next few weeks.

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